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Monuments:Font Gòtica

This is a magnificent fountain in the gothic civil style, of such rarity, that we can consider it as outstanding and unique.

The daughter of the count of Prades, Violant de Cabrera, ordered the fountain to be built at the beginning of the 15 th century. From its various angles, the light plays on its ancient stones gilded by the passage of time. Many whose elements are worthy of note: its carefully wrought crest, its six gargoyles with human figures and irrational heads, and its centrepiece adorned with the arms of the Cabrera family.

Its octagonal form makes one think that it was most certainly situated in the middle of a square surrounded by the arches of the carrer Ample, which was not a straight street as it is now, but crooked, thus giving it a harmonious aspect which its designers emphasised with the six water spouts.

Afew years ago, a group of Blanes townspeople studied the possibility of moving it to another site so that its sides could be admired, but this was considered technically impossible since it required it to be dismantled stone by stone and these were too corroded by the time.

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