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Outdoor sport

Running in Blanes ...

BLANES RUNNING CENTER Since 2009 the Catalan Tourism Board has certified Blanes as a sport tourist resort specialized in sailing, team sports and football and from 2013 also running. The “Blanes Running Center” is a service point located in the Ciutat Esportiva Blanes (Sport City Center Blanes). There you can find maps with routes to practice running and specific services for runners such as: showers, changing-room, bench with brush to clean footwear.

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Walk around the city...

ROUTES THROUGH THE CITY ANB ROUTES Despite being a modern city with its own services and infrastructures, Blanes (Costa Brava) conserves the spirit and characteristics of the small fishing village it once was. This is why the majority of the points of interest in the city can be seen without much difficulty by simply strolling through the streets. Here below you will find diverse and fascinating itineraries, perfect for getting to know Blanes, that can easily be adjusted to suit your possibilities and interests: (map)

Itinerary A - From plaza Catalunya to the docks
Itinerary B - From the hermitage of Esperanza to the Cala Sant Francesc
Itinerary C - From the Sant Joan castle lookout
Itinerary D - From the calle ancha to the Santa Cristina cove
Itinerary E - From plaza Catalunya to the delta of the river Tordera
Itinerary F - The historic old quarter of Blanes
Modernist itinerary - The American Legacy in Blanes

Rutes BTT i Grans Camins de l'Aigua (CC La Selva)

SLWalk around the surroundings of our towns!

There are routes to suit everyone, from walks close to towns to excursions or short mountain trails.

Know all routes
Download the publication of Local trails in la Selva

In Blanes:
Route Sant Bonós
Route Tordera
Route Ermites
Route Mar i Murtra

GCAExplore the county on foot or by bike!

You can plan excursions of varying duration and difficulty along the long-distance routes that connect the towns in the county of La Selva.

Know all routes
Download the publication of Major Roads Water’t

In Blanes:
La Tordera Track

BTTPedal around the coast, the plain or mountain forests!

The circular routes include easy trails suitable for all the family and tougher trails for more demanding cyclists.

Know all routes
Download the publication of biking in la Selva

Rutes BTT a Blanes:
BTT Selva 6 - El Vilar (Blanes)
BTT Selva 7 - Blanes (Blanes)

Cycling with Blanes ...

Route de cycling Blanes-Tossa de Mar-Llagostera-Blanes (map, here)

Healthy pathways and health parks (Dipsalut)

HEALTHY PATHWAYS AND HEALTH PARKS Dipsalut wants to promote and make easy good habits to reduce sedentary lifestyle. In this way Dipsalut has provide 181 Health Parks and 105 itineraries of the Healthy Routes to the City Councils of Girona’s territory.
In Blanes: Itineraries and health parks of Blanes

Xarxa d'itineraris saludables, Xarxa de parcs urbans de salut.Dipsalut

Visit Blanes ...

Visit Blanes here

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