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Message from the mayor 2007-2011

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Message from the mayor 2007-2011


    I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the city of Blanes. We hope that it wiil be a useful tool to find the information you are looking for.

    Nowadays, anyone planning to visit a town, surfs the Net to look for the information offered in its official website. The website therefore becomes the shop window to decide which is the most suitable holiday destination.

    Blanes, the southern gateway to the Costa Brava, is located half way between Barcelona and Girona. The town has a strong dynamic and positive character which has made Blanes a leading town in the area and turned it into the town for the surrounding villages. In addition, its natural charms, which cannot be found elsewhere, make of it a unique resort. But, above all, it’s the people: the Blanes’ inhabitants lend the town its charm and uniqueness

    For all these reasons and the fact that a website can not fully show the attractiveness of this Mediterranean town, I’d like you to continue exploring our town and what it has to offer after taking a look in this shop window, and to do it by visiting us in person.


    Josep Trias i Figueras

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